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First batch will starts from 20th February '2017. Admission is going on for Durgapur Center. For more details please contact us at +91 9830840870

Welcome to AIDM

Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing institute in Kolkata which was set up in the year 2001 with a dream to confer quality administration instruction at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Advanced Group of Institutions have effectively cut out a specialty for itself in administration instruction that provides top quality training to its students to compete in the professional market. It runs its specialized courses according to the requirement of the students and as per their quality.

Digital Marketing as a Profession

Businesses need Digital Marketing professionals to plan and execute digital campaigning techniques. To stay competitive in this digital age, businesses should focus on hiring professionals with strategic, creative and people skills. Such professionals should possess the digital talent to tap the technology-habituated customers. The reality however mirrors a serious shortage of digital skills, even in few of the leading, well-resourced organizations. Digital Marketing Agency is the talk of the town now and AIDM hopes to be one of the finest Digital Training Institute in Kolkata as well as in the country by providing quality training to the persons who wish to chalk out a career in the field of digital marketing. AIDM also provides Advanced SEO Training for those who are interested in learning SEO particularly.

The Advantages of an Internet Marketing Certificate

Whether you’re already into marketing field, working in a web-related business or basically wish to develop your skill set, a digital marketing certificate program can:

  • Improve your credentials: Earning a certificate demonstrates initiative and drive. Additionally, a professional certificate sets up that you have confirmed certain knowledge and skills – a benefit over those who simply claim to have them.
  • Raise your value to employers: Professionals who get this digital marketing certificate have revealed that they have the skills valued by a lot of employers hoping to accomplish in a fast-changing market. This can be beneficial whether you’re concerned in advancing in your existing job or are seeking new prospects.
  • Solidify core concepts: Getting education from industry experts can assist solidify the core elements of digital marketing.
  • Give you the knowledge a start off for your own business: Digital marketing is an in-demand skill that tycoons have used to launch victorious businesses.
  • Perk up your confidence: Learning new skills and attaining knowledge can be an empowering experience; getting a certificate can boost your confidence as you set new goals.

Significance of digital marketing in Business

The massive penetration of digital technology is pushing communications to an advanced level, resulting in the creation of virtuous data systems to transform the way we make, sell and buy. The Internet fast emerged from a modest research network to a robust commercial infrastructure with an exponentially growing number of user base. Consequently, novel business functionalities such as E-Commerce and Digital Marketing are redefining the way businesses reach and interact with customers.

The emergence of mobile technology and the growing accessibility and affordability of Internet-based devices such as tablet-PCs and smartphones with huge storage capacities, fast computing capabilities and data transmission speeds is further pushing the popularity of this concept.

Digital Marketing allows businesses to reinvent their marketing strategies to better connect with target customers and to stay relevant in the customer’s perspective. In the process, businesses leverage the technology-enabled tools such as emails, blogs and social media to expand the reach of their offerings.

It is penetrating deeper into the worldwide market, driven largely by innovations such as Internet of Things (IOT), extensive data integration and Big Data technologies. Businesses now realize the importance of customer behavior information and usage data to draft new marketing strategies. Furthermore, this has reinvented the advertising approaches to providing more focused and accurate messages to customers.

Who can attend this course?

This course will significantly benefit those candidates who want to learn & make their career in planning & executing online strategy for any firm they would work for. It can also be attended by individuals such as communication specialists, marketing managers, senior management, webmasters & IT managers & personnel or individuals looking forward to implement digital marketing for their own business, company or firm.

Digital Marketing is also known as Web Marketing, Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. The certification course gives students the power to use Online Marketing for devising effective marketing strategies for their firms. After this course, students get familiar about the digital marketing arena’s core principles & how it’s different from other traditional marketing.

Why AIDM ?

The certification focuses on to providing a comprehensive course with special emphasis on practical knowledge so that the candidates can flourish in the digital marketing world. AIDM or Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing is there to leave no stone unturned as far as the quality of teaching is concerned. Providing the best SEO Training in South Kolkata, the institute has delved into the nitty-gritty’s of digital marketing and hopes to cater to the target audience in a bigger way. The study guide and courseware are so prepared to provide a holistic knowledge in the area of digital marketing.

We offer advanced seo training as well as all branches of Digital marketing training and also provide certificate of Diploma, Graduate as well as Post graduation in digital marketing.Significance-of-Digital-Marketing-Specialization.

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