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Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing (AIDM) - India's No #1 Digital Marketing Institute Now at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Admission is going on for new batches starting on 15th April, 2019. For more details please contact us at +91 88958 86695 / +91 82800 28469

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Bhubaneswar is a centre for higher education in the Eastern Region and is considered the education hub of Eastern India with several government and privately funded Universities and colleges. There are more than 200 big and small skill development and training organisations in Bhubaneswar. It is evidence of the corporate world recognition of potential and unique personal qualities of Bhubaneswar youths.

Digital Marketing for Bhubaneswar

Now, why should Bhubaneswar Youths go for Digital Marketing classes in Bhubaneswar instead of other skill development programs? For that, you should have some basic knowledge about Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be loosely defined as a process in which we can directly promote any business, product, services or brand to the target audiences via internet enabled devices. Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing or online marketing.

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Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing is a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers various courses on E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing. AIDM also offers courses on Image Marketing, Chatbot Marketing, Keyword Cluster Marketing and WhatsApp Marketing. Digital Marketing has the ability to leverage and sustain client relationships for businesses and brands, making it the most powerful medium to market one’s products, services or brand. With the advent of Digital Marketing, the different channels through which businesses promote their products and services are continuously evolving, giving marketers increased access to global markets.

E-mail marketing has been on the rise and has emerged as a winning marketing tool. It consists of sending customized, business-related e-mails to potential and existing clients. E-mail marketing has long been used by companies to directly reach out to their target audience. One of the main objectives of e-mail marketing is extending a brand’s reach to its clients and acquiring new potential clients. In India, marketers communicate business e-mails to maintain consistent brand engagement levels.  AIDM’s E-mail marketing course in Bhubaneswar ensures a constant flow of website-traffic and helps in building a brand image for businesses

Social Media Marketing also gives you the power to reach and interact with your target audience directly. It also gives brands a chance to listen to conversations among their audiences about their products, services or even about their competitors’ products. We aim to train students and professionals through our Social Media Marketing modules. We offer some of the most informative YouTube Marketing Courses, Facebook Marketing Courses and Instagram Marketing Courses in Bhubaneswar.

AIDM's Content Marketing course consists of curating, creating, as well as sharing of business-relevant content in the form of blogs, videos and posts for social media channels. One of the primary benefits of using and delivering appropriate content for a business is its ability to capture customers' attention and adds value to their interaction with your brand. AIDM’s Content Marketing Course in Bhubaneswar teaches learners the art of promoting their business by stimulating their clients' interests.

Our Institute also offers Image Marketing Courses, Affiliate Marketing Courses, Chatbot Marketing Courses, Keyword Marketing Courses and WhatsApp Marketing courses in Bhubaneswar. These are some of the newest marketing tools that add lots of value to modern-day marketers’ business promotion strategies.
Image Marketing helps them in using image-centric platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr to put forth their brands.
Affiliate Marketing is a reward-based marketing strategy which aids brand promotions through traffic-generating sites.

Chatbot Marketing is the best way to engage your clients in a conversation and give them information about your business, while WhatsApp is another method through which customers can be reached directly and engaged in conversations.
Keyword clustering is one of the most effective Search Engine Optimization methods (SEO) that improve your search engine page rank, putting it right in front of potential clients.

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