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Welcome to AIDM Durgapur

According to Wikipedia “Durgapur is by far the most industrialised city in eastern India and the second planned city in India.” There are more than 200 big and small skill development and training organisations in Durgapur. It is evidence of the corporate world recognition of potential and unique personal qualities of Durgapur youths.

Digital Marketing for Durgapur

Now, why should Durgapur Youths go for Digital Marketing classes in Durgapur instead of other skill development programs? For that, you should have some basic knowledge about Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be loosely defined as a process in which we can directly promote any business, product, services or brand to the target audiences via internet enabled devices. Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing or online marketing.

Why should Durgapur go for Digital Marketing?

The economic culture is most of all Kolkata-centric. As a result, despite holding the potential the youth of Durgapur doesn't get the exposure. But Digital Marketing offers those talented youths these features:

  • The time you spend online will benefit you in this profession.
  • The skills you use to get likes on Facebook can earn money for you.
  • You don't need to come to Kolkata to get a search engine optimization training ., we AIDM are bringing it to you at Durgapur.
  • Since there is a huge demand for a Digital Marketing expert, so you don't need to worry about jobs anymore.
  • We won't ever restrict you to the skills we teach you. You are always free to improvise those skills and create a better marketing strategy for your own.
  • The most important reason to go for Digital Marketing is the current trend. We are witnessing the transformation of the offline trading system into e-commerce, and the switching of the offline banking system to the net banking system.

Why AIDM Durgapur?

Youths of Durgapur are looking for best career options in Durgapur. Many of them are aware of SEO industry and looking for Digital Marketing courses in Durgapur with the standard of a Metro-City. Well, their search ends here. Because AIDM is one of the best Institute of Digital Marketing in India. Since we have best SEO training institutes all over the India including Delhi, Kolkata and Patna. Therefore we will bring the same quality training in Durgapur.

Who should join?

  • Those who have fine traditional marketing skills and now they want to use them online
  • The people who are currently pursuing a job and required by their office to learn the basics of Digital Marketing.
  • Also, those who want to do marketing of their own brand.
  • College students, who want to learn effective career oriented skills.
  • Experienced employees who are looking for alternative career options.
  • Students with a good learning attitude.

What Our Students Say