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Google Analytics

Hello! Welcome to AIDM the best Digital Training  Institute in Kolkata. Here we are providing you our course insight to help you get basic of Advanced SEO training. Today we'll be discussing Google Analytics.
Executing a well-planned SEO venture is not good enough. It's important to track the outcome also. According to the result of the past strategy, we will be able to make a better one. There are several tools out there that help you to measure the result of your SEO efforts. But Google Analytics is best among those.
Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that helps you to measure the traffic on your website. In addition, it helps us to have an insight of the traffic behavior on our websites. Google Analytics feature following facilities:
From where you are getting more Visitors in your Website.
everywherist ga sources
We got to know where from we are getting our valuable visitor to our visitors. It is one of the most important aspects of an impactful SEO strategy. If you see some of your targeted platforms are not generating expected traffics for your website, then you got to increase your effort above those particular platforms.
Analytics help you to track where your visitors are located.
geography in real time
You can track the geographical location of your visitors with Google Analytics. It helps you to understand if you are reaching your target customers or not. If you fail to reach out your target audiences then you might need to restrategize your whole SEO plan. 
Analytics help you to find out the performances by your WebPages.
google analytics dashboard landing pages total traffic
Not all of the pages of your Website perform the same. Few of them grabs the visitor's attention for long, some of them can't hold them for seconds. You need to find the pages that are performing poorly. And then you have to put attractive contents embedded with precise keywords. Analytics help you to do that.

These were just a few basic information about Google Analytics. In reality, Analytics can be used in a far more versatile way. The role of Analytics in the field of SEO is very substantial. We in our SEO training institute in Kolkata provide a detailed Analytics Training. And that makes us the best Digital Training  Institute in Kolkata.