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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Hello! Welcome to AIDM the best Digital Training  Institute in Kolkata. Here we are providing you our course insight to help you get basic of Advanced SEO training. Today we'll be discussing Google Adwords and PPC.
PPC Campaign
When you Search something on Google there are two types of search results on a SERP. Paid search results and Organic search results. The process of obtaining the top place at the Organic search list is time taking. Thus Google AdWords provide you a scope to get the attention of the visitors through paid search results.  
PPC or ( Pay Per Click ) is one of the most prevalent types of internet marketing provided by Google Adwords in which the advertiser pays the publisher each time an ad is clicked.
Google Adwords have other advertising models including PPC.
Pay per click (PPC)
First of all, PPC also named as CPC (Cost Per Click) cost you money when a visitor clicks your promoted search snippet. In this ad model, we pay Google to get views. PPC is extremely popular in E-commerce industries.   It doesn’t help a business in long term basis but it can improve the short-term sells strikingly. PPC places a snippet towards the top of a SERP. If a potential customer urgently needs to make a purchase they click whatever they see at the top. And they generally make a purchase immediately.
Cost per Action (CPA)
CPA costs you per conversion instead of clicks. Cost per Action is much more expensive than PPC. But finally, it is more budget friendly also, as it only charges you money when you get a conversion done.
CTR (Click Through Rate)
Click-through rate (CTR) is that the quantitative relation of users who click on a particular link to the quantity of total users who read a page, email, or advertising. it's normally used to measure the success of an online movement for a specific website in addition because of the effectiveness of email campaigns.
These were just a few basics about Google Adwords. We in our SEO training institute in Kolkata provide a detailed study on Google Adwords and PPC. And that makes us the best Digital Training  Institute in Kolkata.