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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

AIDM currently is a leading SEO training institute in Kolkata and provides the best SMO training.This is one of the nieces of our Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata.
Social Media Optimization is the process of utilising the Social Media Platforms for a business to increase its visibility online. First of all, before knowing tips to sell on Facebook we should know the nature of social media platforms. Of course, if you are a seller and you have a Facebook shop you'll definitely ask for sells. But for that, you need to have a good understanding how the Facebook users are looking for.
First of all, before knowing how to use SMO we should know the nature of social media platforms. Of course, if you have a business you'll definitely try to reach out people by Social Media. But for that, you need to have a good understanding how the Social Media users are thinking. There are three things that you should consider about SMO:

1. Target your Preferred Audience According to the Nature of Service or Product.
It's very important to reach right people through Social Media Platforms. Suppose, you are running a Cyber Cafe with attractive gaming facilities. In that case, your target customers will be teenagers and college goers of your locality mainly. Now if you end up displaying your message to a shopkeeper, a business owner or a professor who are residing in different cities, I guess it won't deliver a result. Similarly, if you own an online bookstore, then you have a scope to showcase your business to a larger group of audience. You can promote books related to music to musicians using Social Media Platforms. Books related to fitness can be promoted to the gym goers or athletes. So the marketing scopes and strategy varies according to the nature of your business target audience.

2. Pull Marketing instead of Push Marketing.
People use Social Media platforms for relaxing purposes mainly. So if you become obsessive about likes and comments only then you might end up pushing Social Media Users with your products. It will deliver negative results. People will unfollow your page and they will avoid seeing your posts. Then what is a proper process to get their attention? For Facebook, the focus should be on brand promotion rather than in single sales. You need to make attractive and entertaining posts for your group of preferred audiences. People should be attracted to your posts and curious about your products or services. Don't push your message to their comfort zone instead pull them with your contents to your page.

3. Nature of Posts should be adjusted according to the Nature of your Business.
Again we need to consider the different natures of businesses in order to boost their visibility on Social Media. For that Cyber Cafe featuring mind-blowing games, I would post attractive photos or poster of those video games. Additionally, posting short gameplay videos will help too. For the online bookstore, I will share posts featuring touchy quotes of all kind. In order to market a yoga training book, I'll post few pages from the books with some easy yoga techniques. If I'm doing SMO for a restaurant I will post delicious photos of their foods, menus and recipes too.